Thursday, July 9, 2015

Uprooted and transplanted

OK, OK, so I don't really update this blog any more; when I discovered Facebook 5 or 6 years ago I realized it was a much better venue for my writing for a couple of reasons. First, it's a much faster and more efficient way to express ideas (and I am seeing that Twitter may be even faster and more efficient). Second--and more important to me--I have a lot of interests, including not just gardening but music  and travel and political rants, and on and on, and I felt compelled to maintain a separate blog for each in order to do them justice, when in fact it is the interconnections between them that fascinate me the most. And third, I get a lot more feedback and a lot less spam there. (In writing this post I see that Blogger has gotten even easier to use in the many years since I last worked with it--no more tedious HTML for links!--so it's possible I will return here from time to time, but don't hold your breath. See Reason Two again.)

I still garden, though I don't write about it as much these days--mainly because when the weather is good enough to be outside working in the garden, I'd rather be there, and when the weather is crappy, I find myself hibernating.

In time my website,, will be your one-stop shop for (as the name implies) everything I do: writing, performing, making peculiar video pieces, and so on.

I encourage you to befriend me on Facebook (as RonEhmke; let me know you found me via this blog) or follow me on Twitter (@RonEhmke). I love hearing from fellow gardeners from around the world, so don't hesitate to say hello.

PS. The "New Growth from Old Faves" links on the right side of the page refresh every day, as do the weather reports from Tonawanda, N.Y. and the daily moon updates, so the blog does stay current in its way. Feel free to continue using it as a resource!


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