Saturday, February 21, 2009

Under the oak, she's having a smoke

We interrupt our regularly scheduled 65-part Las Vegas travelogue for a brief musical interlude, courtesy of Dent May & HIs Magnificent Ukulele (courtesy of AllMusic Blog) :

(Pssst: Want more May? Visit my music blog for another video and lotsa links.)

We now return you to Vegas Vacation, joined in progress.


Northern Shade said...

When I read your blog title, I was looking forward to a few pictures of you with a shovel in your hand, and a miner's lamp on your head, illuminating the garden bed you were redoing. I must learn to think more figurativly, not that metaphors are totally lost on me.

Ron said...

Oh, you will indeed find me out in the garden after sundown, just not in this 15 degree weather. I keep meaning to post a fuller explanation of the blog title, and will eventually get around to it. I do mean it in part literally, but also in a broader sense.

Thanks for visiting, and do stop back by. It's not all music videos, I assure you--but the title of this song seemed too appropriate, and the melody was too catchy, to pass by.

I'm also happy you dropped in because it led me to your own blog, which looks terrific.